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Vicious people live in the comments section of the internet. They’re not telling you about you, they’re telling you about themselves. (PS I have a job- but don’t qualify for medical yet.. My car is 5 years old, I definitely have no vacations planned, none of my clothes or bras fit me because I haven’t been able to go shopping- that’s fine, live in an old apt on the not so safe side of town, & the baby’s father hasn’t been tattooed in years.. But I AM thankful for all I do have, I am still clothed with a roof over my head & a car & medical coverage thank goodness- of course I wish I had better coverage & better things for the baby but I’m happy with what I do have & I have way more love than he’ll ever need… He will not be in need when it comes to anything, ever. Especially emotionally & spiritually. My split with Bellator was very last minute & even then, that wasn’t a job with benefits. Remember that you don’t know everything -maybe even ANYTHING about the people that you follow & comment about.. What type of day they’ve had, or how they feel about your words. Our job is to be a light, we weren’t put on this earth to be mean to people!)


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