The Jade Bryce Story


The cliché that everything’s bigger in Texas is certainly true of Jade Bryce. She may only stand 5’3” tall, but her massive heart makes her a champion of needy children’s charities across the globe. Having made several trips to impoverished countries Uganda and Rwanda, Jade has made it her life’s mission to raise funds and awareness to those in need. Jade grew up all over the United States, so she was no stranger to being the new kid in class. Attending 18 different schools during her formative years, she would never be confused with being popular. She eventually settled in Austin, and her life experiences influenced her to council and mentor young teens that struggled through tough upbringings. She’s appeared in dozens of magazines, but she wasn’t always a model. In 2008 on a backpacking trip across Europe, a photographer in Barcelona approached Jade and asked to shoot her for a feature in Italian Maxim. That led to a spread in Fight Magazine, where she mentioned she loved MMA. Bellator noticed, and asked her to be their ring card model. A move to Los Angeles in Spring 2012 followed, where she continues to build her resume as an actor. Jade has many goals in life, but only one main objective: to use her celebrity to continue raising awareness to help those in need. Jade’s passion and ambition make her effective as a spokesmodel for those that cannot be heard, and her growing fan base ensures that more people hear her calls to action everyday. With a job that feeds her appetite for travel and resonates her voice, Jade continues to draw attention to those that need it.


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