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    tbowlin14 2 years ago

    You are such a fantastic young lady. Any man would be proud to call you his companion, his everything, his lover, his inspiration for life. Smile and be happy.

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  1. deannalouu profile image
    deannalouu 3 years ago

    @thejadebryce strange how much I needed to see each one of these quotes today, and it’s the first thing I see. Thanks. (:

  2. emirmetovic profile image
    emirmetovic 3 years ago

    I miss these, you always post the best ones!

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  1. beckham_365 profile image
    beckham_365 3 years ago

    Sexy mamma

  2. im_arthurjames profile image
    im_arthurjames 3 years ago

    Sooo amazing

  3. danielbannach profile image
    danielbannach 3 years ago

    Having a boy @thejadebryce ?

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    therealjmarvel 3 years ago

    Time to take off my running shoes like fores

  5. therealjmarvel profile image
    therealjmarvel 3 years ago

    Somebody beat me to the punch @thejadebryce

  6. therealjmarvel profile image
    therealjmarvel 3 years ago

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  1. mla.productions profile image
    mla.productions 3 years ago


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    alexnordking 3 years ago

    I love your posts girl, u have a wonderful soul and mind.

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  1. ugly_dicaprio profile image
    ugly_dicaprio 3 years ago

    That top right quote is powerful…crazy how something so similar is going on in the world today, but without a man like him to speak up for those who fail to do so, there is no change. Sad, really. Makes you appreciate his deeds that much more

  2. adigamliel5 profile image
    adigamliel5 3 years ago

    i have a dream !!! ❤️

  3. matt_tucker_ profile image
    matt_tucker_ 3 years ago

    Hey speaking of making the world a better place what’s your email address these days? I’m finally getting that charity print site going and I’d love to have you on board.

  4. woggystyle profile image
    woggystyle 3 years ago

    I used to watch Bellashit every now and again just to catch a glimpse of you… Not anymore! I wish the UFC would sign you!

  5. benkeesey profile image
    benkeesey 3 years ago


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    flippinrad 3 years ago


  2. bloodguitar profile image
    bloodguitar 3 years ago

    They should just name the award after you. You got this every year!

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    juve1216 3 years ago


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    madwop75 3 years ago


  5. tnis.eirik profile image
    tnis.eirik 3 years ago

    @hanbinchoi299 votee

  6. pattru1 profile image
    pattru1 3 years ago

    50 shades of jade…lol @thejadebryce. You look great in all.

  7. will_ares profile image
    will_ares 3 years ago

    Hope you win…..then Bellator will recognise they done fkd up

  8. shreddedninja profile image
    shreddedninja 3 years ago

    Aqua bikini Jade FTW

  9. franciscotheconqueror profile image
    franciscotheconqueror 3 years ago

    You should win Ring card girl of all time

  10. mercifulgiant4 profile image
    mercifulgiant4 3 years ago

    Hope you win! Bellator fucked up letting you go.

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  1. mopheadf profile image
    mopheadf 3 years ago

    I adore the subtle sensuality of this shot!

  2. gustavo11lopez profile image
    gustavo11lopez 3 years ago

    Happy holidays

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    rands1926 3 years ago
  4. declanfit_official profile image
    declanfit_official 3 years ago


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    emirmetovic 3 years ago

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  1. mmagirls profile image
    mmagirls 3 years ago

    Love her!

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    moremoney_in2015 3 years ago


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  1. mskellybrannigan profile image
    mskellybrannigan 3 years ago

    Damn girl

  2. sso7808 profile image
    sso7808 3 years ago

    You Are So Beautiful! And sexy!

  3. princessharajuku profile image
    princessharajuku 3 years ago

    Ugh! Why can’t I have your body!!!

  4. eagleman216 profile image
    eagleman216 3 years ago

    @thejadebryce I got mine!!

  5. iamjiiles profile image
    iamjiiles 3 years ago

    Perfect body

  6. _randy_ profile image
    _randy_ 3 years ago

    U need this @iweldrup

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  1. mrbryancorona profile image
    mrbryancorona 3 years ago

    Love the top left.

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